Top Web Design Dubai – Trends for the Year 2019


Design is the voice of a website.

Top Web Design Dubai - Trends for the Year 2019

A well-designed website is all set to improve the overall experience of the user, and helps exceed their satisfaction levels. Each year you will observe certain trends walking into this niche, and some walking out, in order to improve and change the perspective of the designer. Here we will discuss some of the top web design Dubai trends that you ought to keep a watch out for in 2019.

Top Web Design Dubai

In 2019, you will see that serifs will be used on the screens, as against the older times. Earlier, sans serif was the only font used for screens; however, this will change with time. Sans is generally used for the readability it offers. It is the best font for the long form of website content. However, currently, the companies are interested in the bold serif fonts in the headers as well as the call-to-action. The serifs are not just bold, but also aesthetic and decorative, which makes it perfect the headers. The serifs are a perfect choice, especially in the CTAs, as they come with a lot of character.

For a very long time, color was the only way to attract people to your website. However, in today’s era, you will see an impressive palette of black and white in web design. While white is clean and offers a good amount of space on the website, black comes across as assertive. Web design company Dubai incorporates this new trend of combining both the black and white colors to give you strong website design. You will need to add a few colors along the CTAs and other points of interest, in order to get attention from the people coming to the website.

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Earlier, the web design trends revolved around geometric structures that included smooth lines and certain geometric shapes. The idea was to give your website some amount of stability along with the aesthetics. However, today the main concern is about giving accessibility and comfort to the users of the website. The organic shapes are imperfect and asymmetrical; that’s precisely why you should use them in your web design as they provide the much-needed depth to the website. The personification of the website increases with this trend.

Glitch art, a form of retro design, is making a come back with web design Dubai trends. With this trend, you can draw the user’s eye to the double exposed, and glitched part of the website. This art emphasizes on disorientation, which gives the websites vivid look.


4. What’s the #1 goal you have when it comes to your website?

It is important to consider the micro-interactions between the user and the website when designing the website for the target audience. With every action that you create on the website, there is a small interaction that occurs between the user and the website. While this interaction has been taken into account at various levels till now, this year you will see an abundance in its usage.

Right from hover to the scrolling animations, you will observe the interactions at every level. Web design company Dubai has planned to include these interactions subtly along the website for the proper transition of the information at all places.